Embedded World 201524.-26. Februar, Hall 4A Booth 520

Welcome to our booth! We will cover following topics:
- Ethernet data communication: CAN-bridging, AVB, media converter and tap with BroadR-Reach
- CAN Gateways for Automotive and Industrial: scalable platform with up to 12 ports
- Powerdistribution in automotive testing: intelligent FET module for and Ideal diode
- Parallel Processor Design Centre: XMOS platforms and development services

Brand new CLAUS I/O Board released Stuttgart, 19.11.2014

The new CAN I/O boards is available now featuring 12 power outputs for driving LEDs and other devices, 8 digital inputs and 4 anaolg inputs. Digital I/Os are connected via opto coupler and can withstand up to 24V. Analog inputs have a 12-bit resolution and 0-3V range. The most important message: you don't need to program this I/O board at all!. All outputs can be controlled via CAN and also the imput values are available through CAN. The base ID can be changed with a DIP-Switch and via software. Documentation is available on request.

EMBAS increases focus on servicesStuttgart, 24.10.2014

Since a while our products are more and more developing to customer specific systems. Based on our proven platforms we are creating new variants and devices. Now we realize offering services for hardware, software, and mechanics engineering is a focus for us. And for you that means all of our equipment is now available for your special needs. Call us and see how we can help you!

New Ethernet Gateways releasedStuttgart, 25.07.2014

In addition to the existing CLAUS-X Multiport gateways we have recently released new family members with 2 and 4 CAN ports as well as a new platform called CLAUS-ETAG. This platform is a very flexible, small form factor and cost efficient Ethernet device that can be placed as a tap into an existing Ethernet connection or act as a fully featured IP router. The platform supports multiple protocols including encryption and authentification. The main applications are: Ethernet Filter (Firewall: Packetfilter, Content Filter, State Filter, Proxy Filter), Media Converter, Internet Security, Industry 4.0/IoT