EMBAS Intelligent Power

    Power Manager

    The EMBAS Power Manager is a family of programmable power supplies for any kind of devices in a test and prototype vehicle. They have controlled power outputs supporting up to 50A at 12V. All ports are configurable with regards to on- and off delys as well as several other parameters.
    Power Managers are supervising the battery conditions both for the vehicle main battery and for the measurement battery. In case of failures there is an automatic shut down feature.
    External charging devices with data interface can be connected and their status will be displayed in the control panel.
    Each Power Manager has two CAN ports that can be used to remotely control the functions from other CAN devices.
    Compact Power Manager 200A

    19'' Power Manager

    Silicon Relay

    Car batteries and generators can create high currents and it is very important to fully the power network including switching of main supplies. EMBAS has developed a Silicon Relay to securely connect a main car battery, the car generator as well as a measurement battery. The Silicon Relay is connected to the Power Manager and acts as a Power gateway.
    The Silicon Relay can resist short-cuts and switches up to 200A at 8-30V. Peak currents of up to 1100A are possible.
    FET Module

    Control Panel

    A separate control panel with clear display and 15 programmable buttons is offered to control the Power Management. Due to the built in CAN interface it is possible to use more than one control panel in a car.
    Power Manager Control Terminal