Our Products: Infrastructure Devices for Industry and Automotive

EMBAS GmbH & Co KG has specialized on development and production of devices for automotive test and industrial networking. The focus is on CAN and Ethernet applications as well as battery support and power distribution. EMBAS has a variety of system platforms that are also used for customer specific developments.

CLAUS Gateways

CLAUS is a family of devices that are gateways between an existing car network and new embedded control units and functional emulators that have to be integrated in the platform. With CLAUS gateways you can manipulate and generate signals and messages in a very fast and cost efficient way. There is no need for expensive configuration tools.
CLAUS highlights:
  • Programmability

    CLAUS is an open platform without proprietary software. Therefore, every user has 100% functional control without the need for purchasing any additional tool.
  • Price

    CLAUS devices usually only cost a fraction of comparable gateways on the market. This is due to the open nature of the system architecture.
  • Service

    CLAUS devices can be expanded to your project needs. New variants can be built on the existing platforms with very short turn-around times.

  • Controlling the network...
There are two platforms available comprising CAN Gateways CLAUS-I
as well as Ethernet Gateways CLAUS-X

Intelligent Power

Test- and demonstration vehicles are using many different control units that need to be powered independently. In some cases certain power-ramps need to be applied and parameters like temperature and battery condition are gating the switch. Usually, the second battery is connected to offload the car battery. Charging and protection of such a battery is another topic.
  • Power Manager

    The intelligent Power Manager family is able to accomplish all these tasks. They can be equipped with 8-16 of power ports each able to source up to 25-50A and more. Every port has a separate fuse for individual protection.
  • Display Control Unit

    Separate control units can be connected to each Power Manager. Buttons are programmable for groups or individual ports and the display visualizes current operating conditions.
  • Electronic Power Switch

    A special electronic high-power switch separates the two batteries and ensures maintained capacity. The FETs within the switch are able to support continuous currents of up to 200A while peaks up to 1100A are possible.
  • Multichannel Power Manager...
Several variants of Power Manager are successfully used in the field since many years. Customer specific devices can support special needs.